Gormless Traveller

We are Gormless

Getting Started

Inspired by Sydney homeowners who helped meet the shortfall in affordable accommodation for visitors to the 2000 Olympics Matthew Parker designed and built a short term rental internet marketplace targeting the London 2012 Olympics.
The continuing demand has been such that www.londonrentmyhouse.com remains to provide a service to London homeowners with available accommodation to rent.

What is gormlesstraveller.com?

Historically our service has been provided exclusively for the benefit of London homeowners and visitors to the capital. gormlesstraveller.com provides an equivalent global facility, remaining commission free, and allowing homeowners from around the world help modern global travellers negotiate and explore unusual and exciting places.

Why choose us

Although many sites have followed our lead we have the experience and a proven track record. Importantly we are able to offer a commission free service whilst maintaining quality and the integrity of the site. We do include an option to make a voluntary payment at your discretion if you feel the service has been of particular value. We do ask for a nominal fee to list as experience has shown free to list sites merely attract scams and fraudulent postings.

How it works

Gormlesstraveller.com puts together homeowners who can offer rental accommodation with a global audience of visitors looking for value, privacy, independence and a taste of life as a local.


We are unusual. We do not charge commission on your rental income. Media have highlighted the difficulties with scams and fraud prevalent in free to list sites. In view of this and to help maintain the integrity of the site we do ask for one small payment to list. We hope our service brings you success and you are of course in due course free to make an additional payment at your discretion to help us manage the site. Rental money is yours to keep.


It is free for guests to signup and contact homeowners.

The journey so far

We are amazed and excited at the global response to the site and the entrepreneurial spirit shown by London homeowners as private rental opportunities are recognised. We hope this continues on to the global stage.